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Jerry Dell Farm Raw Milk Campylobacter Outbreak

The New York state departments of health and agriculture warned consumers against drinking unpasteurized (raw) milk produced at Jerry Dell Farm in Freeville, NY after 2 cases of Campylobacter infection were linked to the dairy's products.

Testing conducted by the New York State Food Laboratory revealed that the Tompkins County dairy's unpasteurized milk was contaminated with Campylobacter jejuni. The farm voluntarily suspended milk sales after learning of the contamination.

The health department advised anyone who still has milk purchased from Jerry Dell Farm to discard it immediately, and said individuals experiencing gastrointestinal illness symptoms after consuming milk purchased from Jerry Dell Farm should contact their health care provider.

Jerry Dell Farm holds a permit to legally sell raw milk at the farm. Producers who sell raw milk to consumers in New York must have a permit and must sell directly to consumers on the farm where the milk is produced. Farms with permits to sell raw milk are inspected monthly by the New York State Department of Agriculture and Marketing.

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