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State issues requirements for Montrose Dairy

Montrose Daily Press

April 15, 2009

Kinikin Corner Dairy must now conduct lab tests on its raw milk to ensure the milk is free of the campylobacter bacteria thought to have sickened around a dozen people in recent weeks.

Tests must also be conducted to ensure the milk is free of E. coli and fecal coliform, negative for antibiotics, meets acceptable standards for clioform and conforms the the dairy’s standards for acceptable levels of somatic cell and standard plate counts, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment said in a news release Tuesday.

The department also recommended the dairy’s dishwasher be operated in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions; that it clean and sanitize the milking equipment after each milking and provide hand-washing facilities in the milk-processing area and barn.

The CDPHE ordered the dairy to cease raw milk distribution April 7, after the bacteria was linked to milk coming from the dairy. That milk was linked to between eight and 10 of a dozen confirmed human cases of campylobacter on the Western Slope.

The dairy’s owner is cooperating with state and county health authorities. Several of the dairy’s customers have spoken out in support of the dairy’s products and its cow-share program.

To distribute raw milk again, Kinikin must also conduct follow-up sampling for the next two weeks and that sampling has to be performed by a certified sampler the CDPHE recognizes.

Except for the required testing for campylobacter, all required lab testing will be performed by either the state lab in Grand Junction or Denver. Campylobacter testing will be performed at the Denver lab.

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