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Saratoga Springs Utah Municipal Water Campylobacter Outbreak

The city of Saratoga Springs, Utah issued a boil order for its municipal water after residents fell ill with Campylobacter infections traced back to the water supply. The boil order was issued on May 13, 2010. At least 7 residents have confirmed Campylobacter infections, but many more suffered undiagnosed illnesses, unaware that their water was making them sick. The northern section of the city was affected, including Harvest Hills, Aspen Hills, Sunrise Meadows, Dalmore Meadows, Summer Village, Sunset Haven, Sierra Estates, Riverbend, The Cove at the Jordan River, The Gables, Sergeant Court, Daybreak at Harvest Hills and Hillcrest condominiums. Westlake High School and Harvest Hills Elementary School and Lakeview Academy are also in the affected area.

On May 17, 2010, Marler Clark filed a Notice of Claim with the city on behalf of a sickened resident. At the time of the filing, the boil order remained in effect.

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