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Wisconsin School Campylobacter Outbreak

At least 16 students and adults who attended an event at North Cape Elementary School in Raymond, Wisconsin became ill with Campylobacter food poisoning in the days following a school event on June 3, 2011. The raw, or unpasteurized, milk was brought into a fourth grade classroom by a parent.

Wisconsin health authorities confirmed that the raw milk was the source of the Campylobacter outbreak in a joint statement issued June 17. According to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) and the Western Racine County Health Department (WRCHD), lab tests confirmed that Campylobacter jejuni bacteria was found in stool samples submitted by ill students and adults, as well as in milk samples collected from the bulk tank at the farm that supplied the milk to the classroom. Further testing by the State Hygiene lab showed the bacteria from the stool samples and the milk samples were a genetic match.

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